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November 2005 Meeting

January November is now a standing double-header theme night.

In honor of former club member Rafi Korn, who passed away in November 2002, the November meeting night was determined to aways be "Israeli Subjects" night. However, also ocurring in November is the birth day of the US Marines. Since Ed, (of "Ed's club" fame) is/was a career Marine, he decided we also needed a standing USMC night to correspond to the month where the birth date of the Marines happens. Thus, as of this year and forever more, November will also be "USMC Subjects" night.

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Models in Attendance

Looking for pictures? Don't be impatient! I try to get updates on this site done a couple weeks after each meeting. However, it is not uncommon for me to miss updating a month and have two months go up at the same time.

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