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October 2005 Meeting

January This night is dedicated to all those special operations units. For current aircraft, this would include AC-130 gunships, MC-130s, Pave Low CH-53s, Air Force and Army MH-60s, and "Little Bird" MH-6s. Historically, other aircraft would include AC-47 gunships, AC-119 gunships, A-26K Invaders, A-1H/J "Sandy", and lots more. If the unit designation was "SOS" (Special Operations Squadron) or "SOW" (Special Operations Wing), then the aircraft it flew would count.

Ed also felt that "black ops" would fall into this category. As such the recon community with SR-71s and U-2s would work. Also included could be a whole plethora of "E" aircraft -- EC-130, EC-135, EP-3, EB-66, EA-3, and more.

As can be seen by the large number of images, we had quite a turn-out for this night. Special thanks go to John Benton for taking the pictures for this night. I did attend the meeting, but was late getting there. Many of the models were already gone by the time I got there. John took charge and captured the models with his camera before they left. Thanks, John!

My hat's off to Frank on this night. He did it again with burying us in theme models. He even had a three-foot-tall diorama depicting a special ops mission to scale a cliff. Way to go, Frank!

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Models in Attendance

Looking for pictures? Don't be impatient! I try to get updates on this site done a couple weeks after each meeting. However, it is not uncommon for me to miss updating a month and have two months go up at the same time.

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